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Re: Sauropod Energetics (Peristaltic pumps for arteries?)

Guy Leahy wrote

<< If Kent's reconstructions are correct, the neutral head position in Brachiosaurus would have been 6-7 m above ground, similar to the estimated head/ground distance in indricotheres. Although it may be coincidence, it's interesting to note the heart/head distance in indricotheres is similar to large giraffes. Perhaps a heart/head distance of ~2 m represents a physiological constraint for mammalian cardiovascular systems to supply blood to the brain? >>

Dr. Hanns-Christian Gunga kindly estimated for me the position of the heart within the thoracic cavity of Brachiosaurus, which indeed would result in about 2-2.5 m vertical separation, based on a reconstructed ONP derived from the Janensch illustrations of the fossil vertebrae.

(ONP = Osteological Neutral Pose, i.e. undeflected posture of the axial skeleton)