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Fossil material for teaching requested


"Finnish Museum of Natural History (Paleontology) and Department of Geology
(Univ. Helsinki) request donation of vertebrate fossils for the teaching
collection. The wish-list contains especially mosasaur teeth, but also other
non-mammalian and non-selachian teeth are welcome."


--Mikko Haaramo


Mikko K. Haaramo, M.Sc.

Paleontologist & IT-Manager

Department of Geology
P.O.Box 64 (Gustaf Hällströminkatu 2)
FIN-00014  University of Helsinki

sposti: mailto:mikko.haaramo@helsinki.fi
www: Mikko's Phylogeny Archive [http://www.fmnh.helsinki.fi/users/haaramo/]


P.S. Sorry about double posting... :)