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Re: Sharovipteryx an ornithodiran??

David Peters (davidrpeters@earthlink.net) wrote:

<Go get the opposing evidence:  My evidence is on the website:
pterosaurinfo.com. and it shows up, or will show up in  Prehistoric Times. And
speaking of evidence, even when the evidence is as big as a big dang sauropod
cervical, there's still some wiggle room apparently. So remember, when we
argue, evidence doesn't solve problems and bring warring parties together.>

  Dave reminds me to bring up contradicting evidence. I simply argue that the
evidence that supports this new theory of association is based on flawed
techniques, as supported by Chris Bennett's (online) critique and on paper in
an issue of _Prehistoric Times_. The Photoshopping method is, sadly, rather a
poor replacement for personal examination when making rather radical arguments
such as "neonates" or full skeletal recovery of "faint" impressions in the
slabs. I have (and was backed up by Bennett) directly contradicted this method
in Peters' supported restoration and tracing of a high-contrast image of the
KJ1/KJ2 nyctosaur fossils Bennett described, and my main criterion was the very
bedding and preparation involved in recovering these fossils, which as a
fine-particle chalk, will not allow the recovery of impressions Peters found.
Nor will it permit the recovery of missing material when the bones are
established on the tops of pedestals of chalk, and the lower sediment was
painted over, meaning any stains or impressions are artifacts of preparation.
Yet it was argued there would still be remains or impressions or stains or such
below the main bone-bearing layer.

  If this method is what I should need to find evidence against, it's a loosing
game. Why? To argue against non-data is illogical, and to simply describe how
the recovery is subjective and artificial, I should not need to look for yet
more primary data. Indeed, my primary data is the fossils BEFORE Photoshopping


Jaime A. Headden

"Innocent, unbiased observation is a myth." --- P.B. Medawar (1969)

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