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Re: Sharovipteryx an ornithodiran??

David Peters wrote:

Those two Dockum 'pterosauromorphs' are basal crocs, based on the description published in the JVP abstracts, IMHO.

Hmm... I have evidence of my own to contradict this. Read it and weep...

I looked at one of these specimens using PhotoShop (version 7.0.1) - and I saw the rest of the body! The specimen has a pair of wings, and it wore aviator goggles and a helmet. (The helmet is red and even shows a little yellow lightning-bolt symbol, which you can only see under high resolution.) In my opinion, this is pretty compelling evidence that the animal could fly. I'm going to publish my study in _Playboy_, another magazine where color doesn't cost extra. (I only read it for the articles.)