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Re: Tyrannosaurs and Hyenas

Well I think that the Rex was a hunter, very strong legs to help it run
down prey, and nice bite and hold teeth in its maw. Its prey of choice may
have been immature suropods though it would try to take on whatever it could
depending on circumstances. However in saying this, I think if it saw a
carcuss it would take the opportunity for a free meal. even if it ment
chasing off the original owners so yes. Almost like the modern lions
Hunters and opportunisitc scavangers hmmm almost sounds human eh?

Well, we ARE the biggest scavengers on the planet. Albeit, no other creatures perfected it like us. Our numerous stores, grocery & otherwise, are always stocked pre-killed AND packaged meat. It's so extreme that we don't even find our own nuts, berries & other fruits! All we do, is go to the store, browse, and trade paper bills for food. Amazing if you think about it