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Re: Sharovipteryx an ornithodiran??

David Peters wrote:

Those two Dockum 'pterosauromorphs' are basal crocs, based on the description published in the JVP abstracts, IMHO.

Hmm... I have evidence of my own to contradict this. Read it and weep...

I looked at one of these specimens using PhotoShop (version 7.0.1) - and I saw the rest of the body! The specimen has a pair of wings, and it wore aviator goggles and a helmet. (The helmet is red and even shows a little yellow lightning-bolt symbol, which you can only see under high resolution.) In my opinion, this is pretty compelling evidence that the animal could fly.

maybe the specializations you mentioned (helmet and goggles) were used for another enviroment...such as fast-moving rivers.


have nice days, my friend.