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FW: Sauropod Energetics (Peristaltic pump)

There is one other set of conditions whereby elephants will rear on
their hind legs that I forgot to mention: that is when certain trees are
fruiting. Some of these fruits are sweet and do ferment. At such times
elephants do rear up to reach fruits once the lower fruits are eaten.
These elephants also get incredibly drunk too.

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> First, elephants rear up to feed only when conditions are such that 
> they are forced to, meaning a drought.

On the only photo I've seen of a rearing elephant (in the wild at
least), the elephant is surrounded by green. Most of the photo is green.
(As a whole it's so beautiful they put it on the back cover of an
ecology textbook. I'll probably be able to get the citation; at present
I only know where in the library it is.) Had the elephant _wanted_ to
eat grass, nothing would have stopped it from doing so.