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Re: Morrison Dinosaurs

Ken Carpenter wrote:

Amphicoelias 58 m very rare
Apatosaurus 27 m common
Barosaurus 26 m  rare
Brachiosaurus 23 m rare
Camarasaurus 18 m very common
Diplodocus 27 m very common
Haplocanthosaurus 21 m rare
Seismosaurus 33 m very rare
Supersaurus 40 m very rare

There's also _Suuwassea_ (you'll kick yourself for forgetting that one). Plus some sauropod genera of controversial validity, like _Eobrontosaurus_ (?=_Camarasaurus_) and _Dystrophaeus_ (possibly a nomen dubium). _Dyslocosaurus_ might be from the Morrison. I don't know what to make of _"Apatosaurus" minimus_.

Andrew McDonald wrote:

I believe that Palaeopteryx has been omitted.

Probably a nomen dubium. It's a shame that a potentially iconic name like "Palaeopteryx" was squandered on indeterminate material. Interestingly, the name is not registered at Nomenclator Zoologicus.

How many specimens of
Marshosaurus are known beyond the type and the referred partial skeleton?

Just those two, AFAIK.