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RE: The Croc That Wanted to Be a Dinosaur

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> Tim Williams
> >>Alternate title, from M. Keesey: "Crocs: The Original Dinosaurs"
> Turning it around, and looking at archosaur evolution from a less
> dinosaur-centric viewpoint, ornithomimosaurs were shuvosaur-mimics.  After
> all, the suchians got there first.  :-)

As I mentioned on Carl Zimmer's blog "The Loom", chatterjeeids are ostrich 
mimic mimic mimics (using the normal [backwards]
paleontological version of "mimicry"). Ratites -> ornithomimosaurs -> 
_Elaphrosaurus_ -> chatterjeeids. (Okay, we don't have
_Elaphrosaurus_'s skull, and chatterjeeids don't have particularly elongate 
hindlimbs, so these two are foreshadows of
ornithomimosaurs and ratites in different ways).

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