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More New Old (05) Papers

Hi All -

   Book out late last year:

Lucas, S.G., Zeigler, K.E., Lueth, V.W., and Owen, D.E., eds., 2005. Geology of the Chama Basin, New Mexico Geological Society Guidebook, v. 56: Socorro, New Mexico Geological Society.

Has some interesting papers in it, including (but by no means limited to!):

Heckert, A. B., and H. S. Jenkins. 2005. The microvertebrate fauna of the Upper Triassic (Revueltian) Snyder Quarry, north-central New Mexico; pp. 319-334.

Heckert, A. B., S. G. Lucas, R. M. Sullivan, and A. P. Hunt. 2005a. New Mexico's Triassic dinosaur district; pp. 34-36.

Heckert, A. B., S. G. Lucas, R. M. Sullivan, A. P. Hunt, and J. A. Spielmann. 2005b. The vertebrate fauna of the Upper Triassic (Revueltian: early-mid Norian) Painted Desert Member (Petrified Forest Formatino: Chinle Group) in the Chama Basin, northern New Mexico; pp. 302-318.

Hunt, A. P., S. G. Lucas, and A. B. Heckert. 2005. Definition and correlation of the Lamyan: a new biochronological unit for the nonmarine Late Carnian (Late Triassic); pp. 357-366.

Ikejiri, T. 2005. Distribution and biochronology of Camarasaurus (Dinosauria, Sauropoda) from the Jurassic Morrison Formation of the Rocky Mountain region; pp. 367-379.

Lucas, S. G. 2005. Friedrich von Huene and Triassic stratigraphy in the Chama Basin, New Mexico; pp. 24.

Lucas, S. G., A. P. Hunt, and A. B. Heckert. 2005a. E.D. Cope and the first discovery of Triassic vertebrate fossils in the American West; pp. 26.

Lucas, S. G., R. M. Sullivan, A. P. Hunt, and A. B. Heckert. 2005b. The saga of Coelophysis; pp. 37-38.

Martz, J. W., and K. E. Zeigler. 2005. Taphonomy and sedimentology of the Upper Triassic Canjilon Quarry (Painted Desert Member of the Petrified Forest Formation, Chinle Group), Chama Basin, north-central New Mexico, and a comparison with the Snyder Quarry; pp. 41-43.

Sullivan, R. M., S. G. Lucas, and D. R. Braman. 2005. Dinosaurs, pollen, and the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary in the San Juan Basin, New Mexico; pp. 395-407.

Zeigler, K. E. 2005. The Snyder Quarry: a fire-related Upper Triassic fossil assemblage in north-central New Mexico; pp. 48-50.

Zeigler, K. E., J. W. Geissman, and S. G. Lucas. 2005a. Paleomagnetism and magnetostratigraphy of the Upper Triassic Petrified Forest and Poleo formations, north-central New Mexico, and the Bluewater Creek and lower Petrified Forest Formations, central New Mexico; pp. 115-128.

Zeigler, K. E., S. G. Lucas, and V. L. Morgan. 2005b. The fauna of the Upper Triassic Mesa Montosa Member (Petrified Forest Formation, Chinle Group), Chama Basin, northern New Mexico; pp. 335-340.

Zeigler, K. E., A. B. Heckert, and S. G. Lucas. 2005c. Taphonomic analysis of a fire-related Upper Triassic vertebrate fossil assemblage from north-central New Mexico; pp. 341-354.

Zeigler, K. E., S. G. Lucas, J. A. Spielmann, and V. Morgan. 2005d. Vertebrate biostratigraphy of the Upper Triassic Salitral Formation, Chinle Group, north-central New Mexico; pp. 20-21.

Oddly, no details on this available from the NMGS site, but it is apparently obtainable via Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1585460915/qid=1138398389/sr=8-1/ref=sr_8_xs_ap_i1_xgl14/103-5094397-4837439?n=507846&s=books&v=glance). No PDFs of any contents of which I'm aware...

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