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Re: Your chance to name a Paleontology Society!

Maybe one of these will fit your org.

Here are a few that came to mind.

"Paleocurrents" (past and present as you requested) a great name for a club and a newsletter. I don't know if it is already taken somewhere for a "club" but there is a paleocurrents.com website affiliated with Denver Museum of Natural Science. This does not preclude you using the name as a .org or a net site but I might check with DMNS first.

"Paleosciencia" (from the latin "ancient" and latin "to know" ) which comes up nowhere in google or alta vista searches and is free for the taking as a .com or otherwise (probably)

"Paleofutura"  (speaks for itself)

"Intelligent Redesigners" for those thinking the ancient was always turning into something different.

"Huttonians" (not well understood by the laymen though but certainly promotes the present and the past ie, uniformatarianism)

"Later Day Antiquarianists" or "LDA" (literally past science) perhaps reaching a bit.

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On Jan 29, 2006, at 8:44 AM, paleo@ncf.ca wrote:


I am looking for ideas for the name for a Paleontology club.
As a club we have moved to more general natural sciences and
some have suggested that a name change might actually help
tie us more
strongly to our roots in Paleontology.

We want to keep a strong emphasis on fossil life but also
indicate an interest in the present (and how the past
informs our understanding of it and vice-versa).

The name should show a level of seriousness but be
understandable to the laymen.
Any ideas or suggests would be appreciated:

Thank you