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Tyrannosaur Hip Rotation and Maneuverability


Do you have data regarding the degree of hip rotation and ankle flexibility in Tyrannosaurs? The reason I ask is because while practicing kicks the other day, I realized that most of a human's maneuverability comes from the ability to rotate the hip joint. If you want to see what I mean, look down at your feet while you turn around. You'll notice that the ability to do this comes from the degree in which you can rotate, or pivot on your leg and ankle. Humans can turn around in two steps because our hip joints are so flexible.

What I propose is that you should figure out the degree in which T-rex could rotate the front of its knee and foot away from and towards the centerline of its body. This will tell you how fast T-rex could turn around and how maneuverable it would be while walking and running. Everyone has been debating the animals top speed and forgetting about its actual maneuverability. A top speed of 30 mph isn't going to matter much if this thing took forever to simply turn around.

Sim Koning