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Re: Sauropod Biology

Jaime Headden wrote:

Additionally, therizinosaurs possess elongated, non opposing or hooking
digits on long arms, unlike "prosauropods" with their "twist thumbs" and very
robust forelimbs.

The non-opposable pollex appears to be common to all maniraptorans. For some reason maniraptorans lost the one-handed prehension ability that was primitive for dinosaurs.

I don't think lumping therizinosaurs and "prosauropods" in the same basket
will help the case.

I tend to agree. Although therizinosaurs and prosauropods do show convergences in overall body plan, the anatomical differences far outweigh the similarities.

David Marjanovic wrote:

An SVP meeting abstract from last year says _all_ "prosauropods" so far investigated were incapable of walking on their forelimbs.

Alone, or in combination with the hindlimbs?