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Sky Monsters (w/spoilers)

Just saw it.

Too bad the giant wing phalanx turned out to be wood. As Harry Carey
would have put it, "It might be, it could be, it isn't!

Too bad the robo-pterosaur crashed.

Too bad they didn't listen to our own team of Conway and Cunningham for
configuration. That would have given them the critical control surfaces
to avoid the pitching problems they experienced (even with the addtion
of an airplane tail.)

Too bad they listened to whoever told them to attach the wings to the
hind legs. Needlessly complicated, fluttering trailing edge. Flaps down
configuration almost always. I saw the credits, but I'm not naming

Too bad someone told them the wings were furry or hairy. I've never seen
that. Is it true?

Too bad they used a Rhamphorhynchus sternum on the ornithocheirid. I
kept wondering why the chest was so dang shallow.

Too bad they showed the grounded pterosaurs to be so ungainly and unable
to completely fold up their wing membranes completely. Hopefully that
paradigm will someday go extinct. Lots of bad anatomy and configuration

Too bad they made the 'azhdarchid' to be a scavenger. It's really built
more like a stork or heron. Aren't lots of animals usually fighting over
a carcass and didn't they just show how vulnerable a grounded pterosaur
can be by showing one being attacked by 'raptors'?

Too bad they showed Bennett's Nyctosaurus from the, can you believe it
(?), dorsal view!!

Too bad they showed the bad original illustration of the first pterosaur
egg. Pretty fanciful.

I wasn't aware of the giant Mexican footprints. Has that been published?

We really know alot more about pterosaurs than this program led us to
believe. Too bad we didn't get to see it.

David Peters
St. Louis