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Re: Sky Monsters (w/spoilers)

Dear Dave and List,

> Just saw it.

I just saw it last week as well. I thought it to be, besides the sub
standard CGI,  not too bad.

> Too bad the giant wing phalanx turned out to be wood. As Harry Carey
> would have put it, "It might be, it could be, it isn't!

I have, in the field, mistaken all sorts of things for fossil material. I
have not, however, gone on TV toting my maxilla shaped rock as a new
Godzilla sized nextbestthingosaurus. That must have hurt.

> Too bad they listened to whoever told them to attach the wings to the
> hind legs. Needlessly complicated, fluttering trailing edge. Flaps down
> configuration almost always. I saw the credits, but I'm not naming
> names.

So you are saying pterosaurs didn't have a wing attachment to their legs? I
may be mistaken, but I believe there is at least one fossil pterosaur
impression with evidence of this.

Too bad someone told them the wings were furry or hairy. I've never seen
> that. Is it true?

TMK, It's true for Sordes.

Agendaless Cliff

> David Peters
> St. Louis