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Re: Sky Monsters (w/spoilers)

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Sent: Sunday, January 29, 2006 9:52 PM
Subject: Re: Sky Monsters (w/spoilers)

So you are saying pterosaurs didn't have a wing attachment to their legs? I
may be mistaken, but I believe there is at least one fossil pterosaur
impression with evidence of this.

Some of us remain unconvinced that any of the fossil evidence actually does so. My personal take is that over the eons, there were species enough to potentially support at least a few with about any configuration one would wish.

Too bad someone told them the wings were furry or hairy. I've never seen
that. Is it true?

TMK, It's true for Sordes.

Let's all double-check :-) I will.

Agendaless Cliff

Well said. Unlike several of the rest of us (me included), you have no particular bones to pick here.

All the best,