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Re: Sky Monsters (w/spoilers)

Too bad they made the 'azhdarchid' to be a scavenger. It's really built
more like a stork or heron.

In my mind, the azhdarchid Quetzalcoatlus is clearly a skimmer with a number of specializations for skimming and flight in ground effect. That said, I don't see any reason why they wouldn't pick up a tasty tidbit off the ground, should they notice one while hungry.

I've hardly made up my mind on feeding biology in Quetzalcoatlus. However, I would like to note that it is not actually all that stork or heron like with regards to feeding-related anatomy (though there are enough superficial similarities in the face for it to be a tempting thought).

Most importantly, rapid-striking in the heron or stork style requires a fairly flexible neck. They have lots of short cervicals that anchor a large number of short muscles in the neck. Such a setup is, in fact, quite the opposite of the azhdarchid arrangement (where you get a few short cervicals likely anchoring small numbers of long muscles).

Now, not all storks use rapid striking, but those that don't are largely ground-feeding scavengers.


--Mike Habib