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Re: Sauropod Biology

 Thanks for the info David

After reading the material you provided, and after looking at several pictures of the animal from different angles, I would have to agree with you that Plateosaurus was an obligate biped as you were saying. The palms do face medially, and they don't seem to have the range of motion needed for quadrupedal locomotion. Also, I compared the body proportions with pacheychepalosaurs and realized that Plateosaurus isn't as front heavy as I was lead to believe. I also looked at pictures of Massospodylus and noticed that the radius was dislocated to get its arm in a quardrupedal position. I don't think ALL prosauropods were obligate bipeds however. Certainly Riojasaurus was primarily quadrupedal. Anyway, sorry to play devil's advocate and defend the outdated view. It's just that all my books and other sources, even the recent ones, still show them walking around on all fours, so I just wanted to be sure =) It's amazing how much our view of dinosaurs is changing.

Sim Koning