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Re: [pws@psparks.us: PT article]

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Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2006 05:29:06 -0700
From: paul w sparks <pws@psparks.us>

However, there has been some
should I say un-hp like comments on this note and related
material. Most of it was based on the method that Dave used to
untangle the fossil. I am certainly not any great shakes on this area
but what he showed made sense and I was able to visualize embryos and
young fossil to go along with the adult which was much more difficult
to see clearly. That does not mean that he is correct, but it does
mean that comments of seeing superman and other wise ass comments was
to my mind clearly un called for.


Superman isn't in there, but the coke bottle is.

Also note how the supposed claw in the bottom picture consists of several _unconnected_ stains-in-the-photo. There is no claw-shaped boss, depression, discoloration or other feature in there. The same holds for the supposed skull of the supposed neonate *Cosesaurus*. The "method [...] used to untangle the fossil" is thus obviously very error-prone.

I agree that several recent comments were nothing but counterproductive personal attacks. But, unfortunately, this sad fact doesn't make the method any better.