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Re: sauropod rearing (and sex)

On Mon, 30 Jan 2006, Sim Koning wrote:
I agree with Greg Paul that all sauropods must have been able to rear up. You see, I used to have pet iguanas, a male and two females. I saw my iguanas mate several times and I noticed that in order to do it, the male had to put one of his legs over the hips of the female while he shifted his tail under hers. The reason lizards do this is because they have to line up their cloacas. When I looked at most restorations of dinosaurs mating, I realized the majority are completely wrong. The one I can think of that was done right, was Luis V. Rey's "Carnotaurus Sex". To get to the point, Sauropods males would not only have to rear up, they would also have to stand on one

What if the female sauropod knelt down?

leg! Most of the weight would be rested on the female's back of course, but it would still be one heck of a balancing act. The male would have to rear up and come down gently onto the female's back. After this has been achieved, the male would somehow have to raise his leg over the base of the females tail before shifting his own tail underneath to line up their Cloacas.