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Re: Sky Monsters (w/spoilers)

JimC wrote:

Too bad someone told them the wings were furry or hairy. I've never seen
that. Is it true?

Not as far as I know. It was flown without first. I told them that wing performance would deteriorate with fur. When fur was added, Mike
(the pilot) reported that it did indeed reduce performance.

I wondered, when watching the show, how much of that was because they didn't apply the _correct_ type of pterofuzz. They used really long, wild 'n' wooly stuff that stuck off in every ol' which direction -- even an aerodynamics neophyte like me could guess that it was going to cause too much turbulence to keep the thing stable. I've never, ever thought of pterofuzz (on the wings or anywhere else on the body) as looking anything like wookie fur. Instead, I always perceived it as being more analagous to the really short, oily kind of fur one sees on, for example, on really short-haired dogs like chihuahuas and dobermans -- lays down all in one direction, is really hard to muss up, and thus keeps a slick, aerodynamic surface while retaining some capacity for insulation. This kind of fur _can_ be made to stick up and be "fluffy," espeically when it's filthy and waterlogged (as one would expect in a pterosaur at the bottom of a lagoon or lake, for example). Why didn't they use that?

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