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re: The Croc That Wanted to Be a Dinosaur

Supplementary Data, specifically the matrix, indicates that Nesbitt and Norrell 
used Benton's 1999 matrix as their starting point. Unfortunately, Benton used 
suprageneric taxa, like Crocodylomorpha and Ornithischia as well as specific 
taxa, such as Lotosaurus. This presumes a priori that Lotosaurus is separate 
from Ornithischia, which it is not (and that has been determined from testing), 
among several other problems accrued by not using specific taxa only in 
cladistic analysis. 

Ctenosauriscus and Arizonasaurus are rauisuchians. Lotosaurus is a dinosaur. 
Shuvosaurus is another rauisuchian.

The 'Suchia', as a taxonomic unit, will also bite the dust soon, just like the 

Can anyone send me a url or jpeg of the new shuvosaurid skeleton? 

David Peters
St. Louis