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Re: George Page

That's sad news. I remember how great his nature
programs were, matched only by those of David
Attenborough. Going back much further (1950's), there
was the series "Adventure", created by the American
Museum of Natural History and narrated by Charles
Collingwood. At 3:00pm on Saturdays I was as a wee lad
always glued to the set for this, since it introduced
the worlds of paleontology, anthropology in a dramatic
but always factual way.  --Mark 

--- Danvarner@aol.com wrote:

> George Page, the creator of the PBS  series, 
> "Nature", passed away 
> yesterday. 
> "Nature' under his direction  was one of the 
> greatest of natural history 
> programs. He was the  perfect narrator. The first 
> program, "Flight of the 
> Condor" 
> is a  classic. Now the occupation is filled  with
> hucksters wearing costumes. 
> Sound familiar? I'll miss George.  DV  

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