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Cambridge Greensand pterosaur hypodigms

I've been searching lately for information specimen numbers and material of Cambridge Greensand pterosaurs, Unwin, 2001 only mentions the numbers and material of the holotypes of each recognized species along with only several other referred specimens but does not satisfactorily give specifics of other specimens.
According to the paper these species consist of:
*Ornithocherius simus*: 3 rostra and 5 mandibular symphyses including CAMSN B54.428 (holotype, rostrum) and MANCH L10832
*O. sp.*:
*Coloborhynchus capito*: 4 rostra and 2 mandibular symphyses including CAMSM B54.625 (holotype, rostrum) and BMNH R481
*C. sedgwickii*: 8 fragments of the anterior end of the rostrum and 4 mandibular symphyses including CAMSM B54.422 (holotype, rostrum)
*Anhanguera cuvieri*: consists of 23 rostra and 19 mandibular symphyses (several of which have been assigned to their own species) including BMNH 39409 (holotype, rostrum) and CAMSM B54.431 (rostrum)
*A. fittoni*: consists of 5 rostra and 2 mandibular symphyses including CAMSM B54.423 (lectotype, rostrum)
*Lonchodectes compressirostris*: BMNH 39410 (holotype, rostrum, from the Lower Chalk of Kent) and CAMSM B54.584 (rostrum)
*L. microdom*: Fragments of rostrum and mandibular symphysis including CAMSM B54.486 (holotype, rostrum), and BMNH R2269 (mandibular symphysis)
*L. machaeorhynchus*: single mandibular symphysis, CAMSM B54.855
*L. platystomus*: fragments of rostrum (YORM 1983/113F) and mandibular symphysis (BMNH 43074)

I would like to know the specimen numbers that are not given, if anybody can provide me with any information, please, do so. Unwin's paper does not provide enough information and the original descriptions do not provide numbers.


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