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The July issue of PalArch is online

Dear colleagues,

The July issue of www.PalArch.nl is online with important news (among others
on upcoming changes, ICZN statement, guaranteed durability and accessibility
of our e-publications etc.), please have a look at the free Newsletter:

New issues of our Journals:

PalArch's Journal of Archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology (ISSN 1567-214X)

Vandecruys, G. 2006. Response to Reader (2006): more geological and
archaeological data on the Sphinx discussion.
Reader, C.D. 2006. Further considerations on development at Giza before the
4th Dynasty.

PalArch's Journal of Vertebrate Palaeontology (ISSN 1567-2158)

Kaddumi, H.F. 2006. A new genus and species of gigantic marine turtles
(Chelonioidea:Cheloniidae) from the Maastrichtian of the Harrana
Veldmeijer, A.J., H.J.M. Meijer & M. Signore. 2006. Coloborhynchus from the
Lower Cretaceous Santana Formation, Brazil (Pterosauria, Pterodactyloidea,
Anhangueridae); an update.

PalArch's Journal of Archaeology of northwest Europe (ISSN 1573-3939)

Turrittin, T.H. 2006. An annotated bibliography of the Piltdown Man forgery,

PalArch's Center of Book Reviews has 17 reviews online:

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