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Re: Cambridge Greensand pterosaur hypodigms

Dear Mike,

maybe its best to contact Dr. Unwin. He might know the numbers since his 
dissertation was about Greensand pterosaurs too. His email address is: 

Best wishes,


-------- Original-Nachricht --------
Datum: Sat, 01 Jul 2006 10:57:11 -0500
Von: Mike Hanson <mhanson54@comcast.net>
Betreff: Cambridge Greensand pterosaur hypodigms

> I've been searching lately for information specimen numbers and material 
> of Cambridge Greensand pterosaurs, Unwin, 2001 only mentions the numbers 
> and material of the holotypes of each recognized species along with only 
> several other referred specimens but does not satisfactorily give 
> specifics of other specimens.
> According to the paper these species consist of:
> *Ornithocherius simus*: 3 rostra and 5 mandibular symphyses including 
> CAMSN B54.428 (holotype, rostrum) and MANCH L10832
> *O. sp.*:
> *Coloborhynchus capito*: 4 rostra and 2 mandibular symphyses including 
> CAMSM B54.625 (holotype, rostrum) and BMNH R481
> *C. sedgwickii*: 8 fragments of the anterior end of the rostrum and 4 
> mandibular symphyses including CAMSM B54.422 (holotype, rostrum)
> *Anhanguera cuvieri*: consists of 23 rostra and 19 mandibular symphyses 
> (several of which have been assigned to their own species) including 
> BMNH 39409 (holotype, rostrum) and CAMSM B54.431 (rostrum)
> *A. fittoni*: consists of 5 rostra and 2 mandibular symphyses including 
> CAMSM B54.423 (lectotype, rostrum)
> *Lonchodectes compressirostris*: BMNH 39410 (holotype, rostrum, from the 
> Lower Chalk of Kent) and CAMSM B54.584 (rostrum)
> *L. microdom*: Fragments of rostrum and mandibular symphysis including 
> CAMSM B54.486 (holotype, rostrum), and BMNH R2269 (mandibular symphysis)
> *L. machaeorhynchus*: single mandibular symphysis, CAMSM B54.855
> *L. platystomus*: fragments of rostrum (YORM 1983/113F) and mandibular 
> symphysis (BMNH 43074)
> I would like to know the specimen numbers that are not given, if anybody 
> can provide me with any information, please, do so. Unwin's paper does 
> not provide enough information and the original descriptions do not 
> provide numbers.
> Thanks.
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> Mike Hanson
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