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RE: Ruehleia again

Galton, P. M. (2001). Prosauropod dinosaurs from the Upper Triassic of Germany. In: de Salas, C.A.S. (ed.) Actas de las I Jornadas Internacionales sobre Paleontologia de Dinosaurio y su Entorno. Colectivo Arqueologico-Paleontologico. Burgos (Spain). p.25-92.

_Ruehleia bedheimensis_ is a plateosaur sensu Galton & Upchurch (in prep.) with the following characters: three vertebrae in sacrum including a dorsosacral; ilium with a very large pubic peduncle and an extremely short anterior process; proximal end of the pubis with length of articular surface for ilium much longer than wide with a very short acetabular part (equals half width of iliac surface); manus with three large carpals with complicated (sic) proximal articular surfaces.

Holotype: MB (Museum fur Naturkunde, Berlin), unnumbered (Ruhle von Lilienstern Collection): a reasonably complete skeleton, that consist of cervicals 4-10, dorsals 1-14, partial sacrum, about 20 caudals, right scapula-coracoid, both humeri, right radius and ulna, both manus (incomplete), both pelvic girdles, femora, tibiae and right astragalus.

Locality: Romhild, 20 km from Schleusingen, SW of Hildburghausen (South Turingia, Germany).

Age: Upper Norian (Trossingen Formation = Knollenmergel).

From: Michael Lange <Michael.Lange@gmx.ch>
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Subject: Ruehleia again
Date: Sun, 02 Jul 2006 19:29:20 +0200

Dear List,

can someone give me the exact reference of the paper Ruehleia was described in and who did this. I think it was Galton, however, some years ago I was told that Adam Yates is going to rework the Thuringian prosauropod material in Berlin offically. Maybe Galton was faster then.

Best wishes,


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