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Burnt fossil bones

Or maybe: "Bones that appear to have been burnt before fossilization".

Does anyone have any refs. on this?  Especially any refs on the
petrography of the fossil bone.

During this afternoon's chicken BBQ, I got into a discussion (actually a
polite argument) with a professional forester on the subject of how one
would determine if fossilized dinosaur bones show a "fingerprint" of
having been burned by fire prior to burial.

I figured that taphonomy gurus Behrensmeyer or Shipman would have had
something to say on this subject, but so far, I'm pullin' up nuthin'.

And has anyone made a chicken marinade of vodka, black peppercorns
garlic, and maraschino cherry juice?  If not, then I hereby dub the
marinade "Phil's Chicken Soused".