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RE: Palaeos shutdown

It's disappointing to hear. I'm a big fan of the
palaeos site (I always thought it made for a nice mix
of cladistics and eclectism). It'll be a big loss to
see it go.


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> Subject: Palaeos shutdown
> Toby White informed me a couple of months ago that
> he is unable to
> continue working on the Palaeos website
> (www.palaeos.com) due to other
> requirements of his time. The website is still
> accessible at present,
> but there are no guarantees as to how long this will
> be so. Toby White
> and Alan Kazlev have put in a great deal of effort
> on this site over the
> years, and I would like to extend a thank you to
> them for doing so.
>     Thanks,
>         Christopher Taylor
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"I am impressed by the fact that we know less about many modern [reptile] types 
than we do of many fossil groups." - Alfred S. Romer

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