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Re: TRex 's EXCELLENT vision..

A brief scene from the play "Time goes on, and things change"--

TREX1: "I'm tired of waiting for something to die. Let's kill something! The 
entire local herbivore population is drought-stressed right now. We could 
employ a resource ambush strategy!"
TREX2: "Nah, been there, done that."
TREX3: "Yeah, grow up, will ya? That is SO juvenile. It's not like we have to 
be our ancestors."
TREX1: "But with no effective top predator to keep us supplied with carcasses, 
we are reliant on herbivore mortality through old age and disease for our food 
supply. We'll starve!"
TREX2: "That's life." 
TREX3: "Someday, millions of years from now, there will be a need for quirky 
theories. Really, it is a small price to pay to be a part of the grand scheme 
of things."

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> <"But a scavenging T. rex could have inherited its
> vision from predatory
> ancestors, says Jack Horner, curator of paleontology
> at the Museum of the
> Rockies in Bozeman, Mont. "It isn't a characteristic
> that was likely to hinder
> the scavenging abilities of T. rex and therefore
> wasn't selected out of the
> population," Horner says."
>   With all due respect, however, Jack Horner is
> essentially correct in the
> quote above, even if the underlying premise may not
> be. Yes, a largely
> predaceous ancestor, like the non-tyrannosaurine
> tyrannosaurids like
> *Gorgosaurus*, with highly binocular vision and a
> more active predatory
> lifestyle, CAN give rise to a more opportunistic,
> scavengerial descendant.

correct me if I'm wrong, but the skulls of
gorgosaurus/albertosaurus/daspletosaurus are not as
wide as t.rex and so might not have had such developed
3d vision. its further development in t.rex would
appear to be in conflict with the suggestion that it
is a 'relict' of some fashion, alhtough of course, if
the juve t.rex were active predators and the adults
not, the character might be developed, even if
redundant in the adult.



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