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T rex walking speed WAS: Re: Addendum to Trex vision as support for scavenging...

> If my figures are correct--

> Taking a Trex stride as 1.76m, assuming a stride frequency of 2
>seconds (I believe 2 sec is conservative), and using Stevens' far
>point of 6 km, Trex could walk to his limiting far point in ~1.9
>hrs. This means that, assuming visual cues in the form of volant
>scavengers were available, Trex could monitor, from a stationary
>position, ~113 sq km (11340 hectares) with a two hour arrival
>time. Traversing a regular circuit, or moving with a herd of prey
>animals, could obviously enlarge this area several fold.

I believe this to be a *very* conservative estimate of a T rex walking
speed - after all, it amounts to a bit more than 3km/h.

>From scaling (Froude number as used by Alexander, Fr = v^2/ gL), I
would expect a T rex, with more or less four times the leg length of
humans, to walk at two times the speed, i.e. at about 10-12km/h.
Alexander used footprints to estimate walking speeds of large
theropods of about 5mph, that's about 8km/h.



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