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Re: Trex as a good smeller

That was Don that wrote that. The reply function on yahoo mail beta is 
unreliable, evidently. I attempted a re-post clarifying who said what, but for 
some reason it did not post. Sorry about that. It wont happen agaiin.


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It was either Frank or Don who wrote:

> I once made some casual observations on turkey buzzards, and found 
> that if _no_ visual could be obtained (eg, carcass _completely_ 
> covered by brush), the birds could not access a armadillo carcass. 
> Much circling, possibly a landing, but no meal. My provisional 
> conclusion was that scent might bring them to a general location, 
> but visual confirmation was needed for final location. This would 
> need replication, of course. Still, if you have trouble locating an 
> armadillo carcass in Florida summer, you might be challenged. : D

I'm having visions of animal behaviorists putting blindfolds on hungry
vultures in captivity and then putting the birds in a maze along with a
ripe carcass.  Note how long it takes for the sightless vulture to
stumble over the meat.  It might be a good idea to spin the vulture
around about 10 times first.

Then repeat the experiment.  Except in this case, blindfold the animal
behaviorists and let them do the maze.

As David Letterman says, "This is for entertainment purposes only. 
Please, no wagering".

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