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Re: Extremely mammal-like brasilodontids

<<Not French "of the ground", but do Sul -- Portuguese "of the south".>>

Thaks.  This keyboard is very stupid.

"...and suggests they may well have started making them as early as the
Lower Triassic."


I think I'll copy in several sentences from page 92.  (I've got a feeling
the keyboard mentioned a page 93 was involved, but it isn't.)  Anyhow (and
this isn't a full paragraph): "...  The new discovery is a superb indication
that the brasilodontids have an old history, beginning early in the Middle
Triassic or more probably in the late Early Triassic. The study of the new
specimen from the Middle Triassic it is currently in press and it strongly
suggests that the evolutionary line leading to mammals is not that proposed
by Hopson and Barghusen (1986) generally accepted until recent years, but a
different one with more mammalian characters and without any required
reversal to be considered closely linked to the earliest mammals."

Messers Hopson and Barghusen cited tritheledontids as the closest known
mammalian relatives.  That may well have been correct at the time, which was
before the very recent discovery of these brasilodontids.