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Ceratopsians in Journal of Paleontology

Farke, A. A. 2006. Morphology and ontogeny of the cornual sinuses in
chasmosaurine dinosaurs (Ornithischia: Ceratopsidae). Journal of
Paleontology 80:780-785.


This paper was many, many years in the making, and I'm glad to see it
finally in print! It started out as my science fair project during my senior
year of high school (back in 1999). It sat on the back burner for a year or
two after that, and then I got my butt into gear to submit it to Journal of
Paleontology. This was my first real peer review experience. . .it had its
painful moments, but the paper is much improved as a result.

At any rate, this paper describes the cornual sinuses of chasmosaurines.
Some new anatomical tidbits are presented, along with comments and
speculation as to the function (if any) for these sinuses. Many of the
points raised in this paper are now being pursued as part of my dissertation
(and some of that will be presented at SVP this fall).

For those who are interested in a PDF, please contact me off-list. For those
who have access to Journal of Paleontology via BioOne, you can link directly
to the article at: