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Ceratosaurus PDF Download

Dear Listmembers:

A number of people asked if Madsen's Ceratosaurus paper was available, and I did manage to download it from the UGS website.

J. H. Madsen, Jr. and S. P. Welles. 2000. Ceratosaurus (Dinosauria, Theropoda): a revised osteology. Utah Geological Survey, Miscellaneous Publications 00-2: 1-80.

To spare people the trouble of trying to crash the UGS website again, I uploaded it to a filesharing website where you can download it by following the directions for a free download. You may have to have your pop-up blocker turned off. The download will be reasonable quick since the file is only 6 MB.


For those that didn't get the earlier email, the Allosaurus paper is here:


Cheers, Lee