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RE: News from both congresses

David Marjanovic wrote:

- There is a new species of *Psittacosaurus* from the fluviatile part of the Yixian Fm. Its name was mentioned. The referred (adult) specimen of *Hongshanosaurus* belongs to this species (so I can keep it in the database used for my thesis -- phew); the holotype of *H.* is not diagnostic because it is so juvenile and so distorted, making *H.* a nomen dubium.

Any word on the bristle-tailed _Psittacosaurus_?

- There is now a partial segnosaur phylogeny:
       |  `--the arm referred to *Alectrosaurus*

The type specimen of _Alectrosaurus_ and _Erliansaurus_ both come from the Iren Dabasu Formation. So is it possible that the therizinosaur forelimb that was originally referred to _Alectrosaurus_ actually belongs to _Erliansaurus_?

- Jane is a fascinating subadult *T. rex*, and so is the type of *Nanotyrannus*.

Care to elaborate? ;-)

Thanks for the info David.