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RE: News from both congresses

David Marjanovic wrote-

- *Hongshanornis* has a sister-group in the Jiufotang Fm. No name was mentioned.

"Archaeorhychus" perhaps.

I hope that's all. If you are interested, I can hunt down and retype the abstracts.

The following abstracts would be interesting, if you have time.

O?Connor Jingmai, Gao Keqin
A new fossil bird from the early Cretaceous
Jiufotang Formation, Liaoning province,
northeastern China [T13-19]

Alan H. Turner, Sunny H. Hwang, Mark A.
New Theropod remains from the early
Cretaceous Öösh deposits of Mongolia

Matt White
The subarctometatarsus: Further evidence
supporting the evolution of flight originated
from small arboreal theropod. [G4-35]

David A. Burnham
Microraptor versus Bambiraptor and the
transition to terrestriality [T13-4]

Hailu You and Zhexi Luo
Dinosaurs from the lower Cretaceous
Mazongshan area in northwestern China

Emilie Läng
New data on middle Jurassic Eusauropods

Mickey Mortimer