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RE: Trex as a good smeller

Quoting don ohmes <d_ohmes@yahoo.com>:

> I once made some casual observations on turkey buzzards, and found   
> that if _no_ visual could be obtained (eg, carcass _completely_   
> covered by brush), the birds could not access a armadillo carcass.   
> Much circling, possibly a landing, but no meal. My provisional   
> conclusion was that scent might bring them to a general location,   
> but visual confirmation was needed for final location.

Maybe the carcass wasn't fragrant enough.  In David Attenborough's
documentary, "The Life of Birds," an airborne turkey vulture locates a
carcass that is completely concealed under leaves.  Next time, let the
carcass rot until the aroma is especially strong before running the

Who cares what the neighbors say about you?  


Dino Guy Ralph
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