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unusual neosauropod...

Sebastian Apesteguia writes:
 > Hi, someone has the pdf of:
 > Taylor, Michael P. 2006. An unusual new neosauropod
 > dinosaur from the Lower Cretaceous Hastings Beds Group
 > of East Sussex, England. p. 17 in Anonymous (ed.),
 > Abstract book: Progressive Palaeontology 2006,
 > Cambridge (England), 22-23 June 2006. 28 pp
 > The abstract sounds very exciting but a first look to
 > the half-vertebra in the web looks like a little bit
 > spicy regular basal titanosauriform with tomato and
 > french potatoes. Actually, I think I saw forked CDL
 > and CPL, and a clear CPOL, but I should see the
 > complete work first. All the best. Sebastian.

I already replied off-list to Sebastian, but anyone else who's
interested can find the abstract about this specimen, and the slides
for the Progressive Palaeontology talk, at:

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