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RE: Dinosaur Open Book Project

Alot of people on Wikipedia have been trying to make open book content on
dinosaurs - apparently all genera are now listed. many descriptions started
off as basic but more and more are being polished up with more and more
citing reference material. Have a look. It is actually pretty hard to
vandalize now as most vandalism edits get reverted within minutes.

I am sure the folk on wikipedia would be very grateful if any
paleontologists moseyed on by and corrected or advised on things.....
(Ken Carpenter has kindly donated a Hesperosaurus image :))
Cas Liber

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On Mon, 10 Jul 2006 22:10:59 -0300 Roberto Takata <rmtakata@gmail.com>
> Anybody knows if there is a good (?authoritative) book with open
> content about dinosaur available online?
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