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DNM Curation Facility Comments

Posted for Jim Kirkland.


The NPS is requesting comments on the development of a  regional
paleontological repository facility in Vernal, Utah in a  partnership
with the Vernal Field House of Natural History (Utah State  Parks). The
facilty is to be constructed adjoining the newly opened Vernal  Field
House of Natural History in Vernal and jointly managed.

Please  strongly support the development of this  facility.


The  plan can be accessed  at:


We  need to strongly support the development of the Uintah Research  and
Curatorial Center in Vernal, Utah versus the alternative of No  Action!

The collection facility at Dinosaur National Monument is falling  apart
because of substrate instability.

The Vernal Field House of  Natural History does not have a collections
facility in their new Museum and  has basically given up their status as
a federal repository until such a  facility can be constructed. 

If the proposed facility is not  constructed, Utah will not have a
federal paleontological repository in the  Uinta Basin.

Thus, many more future fossil collections from this region  will leave
the state, particularly those made through the mitigation  of
paleontological resources due to energy development.

Also the  absence of a paleontological repository in the region could
hinder the  development of energy resources in the Uinta Basin through
the slowing down  the ability of local paleontological mitigation groups
to comply with the  National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

Please remember your comments  make a difference.

Also forward to any interested parties.

Jim  Kirkland

James I. Kirkland Ph. D.
State Paleontologist 
Utah  Geological Survey
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Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6100
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