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RE: Dinosaur Open Book Project

Oh not totally, quite a few cladograms are popping up on wikipedia, there
have been people coming and going and more of the newbies are putting them
up. See Ceratopsia:

OK, the Linnaean system may be outdated per se but it is still the lingua
franca of the masses :)

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T. Michael Keesey writes:
 > > Alot of people on Wikipedia have been trying to make open book
 > > content on dinosaurs - apparently all genera are now listed. many
 > > descriptions started off as basic but more and more are being
 > > polished up with more and more citing reference material. Have a
 > > look. It is actually pretty hard to vandalize now as most
 > > vandalism edits get reverted within minutes.
 > One big problem with Wikipedia, though, is that they are stuck on
 > using Linnaean classification.

True.  If only there was something like that old site, what was it
called, the Dinosauricon.  If we could just remember who used to run
that, maybe we could get him to breathe some life back into it?

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