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Dinosaurs of Utah: the symposium, more details

Dear List,

    Here's the latest scoop. The Dinosaurs of Utah Symposium will be held,
with or without you, from May 17th through the 20th, 2007. The schedule is
tenatively as follows:
Thursday, Utah Friends of Paleontology officers meeting, then an ice breaker
at the CEU Prehistoric Museum for all attendees.
Friday: Field trip, then the keynote speaker, Dr. Robert Bakker, will be
giving a dinner presentation as part of The College of Eastern Utah's annual
Dino Feast.
Saturday: Presentation of papers.and all sorts of additional fun stuff.
Sunday: Field trip out to the newly renovated Cleveland / Loyd Dinosaur
Quarry, then the symposium is over, and you are on your own to frolic our
desert with wild abandon.

    Confirmed speakers presenting papers, include:

Jim Kirkland, Ph.D, Utah State Paleontologist, Salt Lake City, Utah
Reese Barrick, Ph.D, College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum, Price,
Paul Bybee, Ph.D, Utah Valley State College, Orem, Utah
Jerry Harris, Ph.D, Dixie College, Saint George, Utah
Allan Titus, Ph.D, Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument
Andrew Milner, Saint George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm
Scott Hartman, Wyoming Dinosaur Center, Thermopolis, Wyoming
Matthew Wedel, Berkeley University, California

Additional speaker confirmation, time rosters, and registration information
will be relayed as the schedule progresses.
Any questions, suggestions, or personal opinions, feel free to contact me on
or off list.


Hagryphus Cliff