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RE: Gorgo or Alberto?

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> <Bruce Woollatt>
> Hi all;
> Just wondering about the identity of a particular specimen, USNM 12814
> (formerly AMNH 5428).Image here(I hope)
> http://www.hrw.com/science/si-science/biology/animals/burgess/dino/gorgo.html
>  In two recent papers by Currie,  ( the Gaia paper on gregarious
> tyrannosaurs and Nature paper on tyrannosaur growth rates - I'm away
> from my references and precise titles and dates  escape me) it is
> identified as Gorgosaurus in one and Albertosaurus in the other. So
> which is it?
It's libratus, and thus Gorgosaurus when that is recognized as a distinct taxon.

The inclusion of the specimen in A. sarcophagus in the Nature paper was an 
accident that slipped by the authors of that paper. And
the reviewers. Who should have known better...:-S (grumble, grumble, gripe, 
sorry 'bout that guys, mutter, mutter...).

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