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Re: Fieldwork or bust? (Was: Stenopelix valdensis)

> Out of curiosity I would like to submit a variation on the question:
> "How important is it to do field work with living systems as well?"
> How important is it to maintain an interest in the biology of living
> organisms? Is it important to have first hand contact?

> -Jonas Weselake-George

Precisely the questions I was going to throw out; you just barely beat me to it!

In any case, I am one of those individuals that has had many a 'eureka' moment 
interacting with, or carefully observing, living organisms.

I'd like to add the (related) question: how does one best balance fieldwork on 
paleosystems and living systems, if your research requires a working knowledge 
of both?  (that's vague, I know, but I left it open on purpose)


--Mike H.