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Re: Tyrannosaur age-population distributions

<<If you look at the E.Q. (encephalization quotient) for tyrannosaurids and
the E.Q. for chickens (and the E.Q.s for *all* living birds, in fact), you
will find that _T. rex_ adults lag behind all extant birds in the Brainiac

I think I'll dare to suggest that bodysize may explain part of that, Phil,
and I stress part.  Going by E.Q. alone (with no bodysize weighting), a tree
shrew should be regarded as the brainiest mammal on Earth as its E.Q. is
higher than mine.  (My wife actually confirms this is a reasonable
conclusion.)  My E.Q. is about the same as that of a mouse.  (I'm not going
to mention what my wife said about that comparison, as I was too stupid to
understand it.)  E.Q. alone leaves various small birdies as prime candidates
in quiz shows on television, and this might explain why Sylvester never got
his paws upon Tweety Pie.

Size (whether relative or actual and, as my wife also tells me) ain't
everything.  I don't understand what she means by that either, but she says
it doesn't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.  And I think I
should find that worrying.