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Lurdusaurus & dinosaurian hippos

Dear all,

This is the second time I try to send this message to the list, I hope it works this time around.

As I was reading a description of Lurdusaurus I was intrigued by its
apparently large size and heavy build. Seeing that Lurdusaurus, as
an iguanodontian, must have descended from rather lightweight and
fleetfooted ornithischians, it seems plausible to assume it adopted
quite a different lifestyle, and probably quite different from other
large iguanodontians too, as those were not as massively build. So I
wondered, is it possible that Lurdusaurus was a large (semi-)aquatic
herbivore and in that way convergent with hippos?

Are there any other dinosaurs around that may qualify for a
hippo-like lifestyle?

Responses appreciated,

Brian Lauret