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Re: Dinosaur Open Book Project

David Marjanovic wrote:
One big problem with Wikipedia, though, is that they are stuck on
using Linnaean classification.

Even though they could very easily copy the completely rankless classification they use for languages! As an example have a short look at the top right corner of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northern_Sotho_language.

"They"? At the risk of flogging a dead horse; "they" is /us/ on the wikipedia. All you have to do is start editing pages, and give some good reasons why they shouldn't be changed back. The wikipedia pages on dinosaurs aren't edited by a mysterious bunch of wikipedians - they're edited by people on this list, amongst others.

Of course, I'm sure you know this, but maybe people need reminding of it. The Wikipedia is possibly the most important science communication/education tool out there right now, and it's so easy to contribute to. Write the damn thing rather than complaining about it.

... not that I really write much, I guess. But then I don't complain about it either.


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