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Re: EQ (was RE: Tyrannosaur age-population distributions)

<<EQ DOES normalize for body size. It isn't the ratio of brain to body size:
it's a **residual from the curve** of brain vs. body mass. Specifically, it
is:  EQ = (E<sub>i)/(E<sub>e) were E<sub>i is the measured brain size, and
E<sub>e is the expected brain size.>>

Thanks for the correction, Tom.  I knew E.Q. takes bodysize (and indeed
other factors; eg. a fossorial lifestyle as opposed to an aboreal one, as
inferred through bone wall thickness and build) into account, and expressed
myself with some clumsiness.  Nevertheless, comparing E.Q.s of
tyrannosaurids with chickens strikes me as...  I can't think of an
appropriate term, so 'adventurous' will hopefully suffice.