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Re: Giant new titanosaurs?

Hi Vlad,
I presume you are referring Puertasaurus reuili, an
Argentinosaurus-sized Late Cretaceous sauropod from
the Mata Amarilla Formation, Santa Cruz Province
(southernmost Argentina), described by Novas et al
recently. I don't know the exact size (the fossil are
three well preserved vertebrae, cerv, dors and
caudal). All the best. Sebastian.

ps: I'll see if I get the pdf...

 --- Vladimír  Socha <Seismosaurus@seznam.cz>

> Good day,
> a few weks ago someone told me there was a new find
> of a previously unknown giant titanosaurs in
> Argentina. According to the source, there were
> individuals over 60 meters long, which would mean
> the largest dinosaurs ever. However, no other info
> was since. So I'd like to ask, if anybody knows
> something about this find....or is it just fake?
> Thanks, V.
> http://lide.cz/Bakker/ 

Lic. Sebastian Apesteguia
Seccion Paleontologia de Vertebrados
Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales 'B. Rivadavia'
Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

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